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Author Signing (Childrens)
Sunday July 22, 2018 1:00 PM

Williamsburg, Virginia  (New Town)

Animals in the woods eagerly await the arrival of summer, which is marked by the first firefly of the year. Beautifully illustrated and delightfully written, Summer the Firefly brings the woods and the animals in it to life as they anticipate the best season of the year.

It's HERE!

Join the In The Woods cast of characters as they await the first signs of summer! Who will be the new star of the Woods? Will it be King Deer, Sequoia or Little Squirrlin? Or will it be a creature full of amazing light?

Get your book directly through Vikkilynnsmith or retail stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble! This is the first book in this entertaining series. Click Here to BUY! PS… It even has a non-fiction page too!

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