About Vikki

In everyone’s life there is a person that seems a little too happy, too eager to please…someone who oozes with life. I would like to think that I am that person. Now I’m not saying that I am always the life of the party…because, let’s face it…life gets in the way. But I strive to be positive every day in every way possible. Perhaps this  is easier now that I have retired from teaching and have set upon a long awaited journey of writing to be published. I can’t even express my joy over doing something I love so much…but the joy is almost as great as when I married my husband or gave birth to my two wonderful children.

Now in my second year of blogging, I am finally starting to understand how it works and why reading the work of others is so important. I hope that as you come across one of my posts that you will take a moment (or two) to read and enjoy the stories or thoughts  conveyed in this literary format. I hope you enjoy reading the work as much as I had writing the piece. And if you are an agent…. well, I have one doozie of a novel just waiting for you…or eight children’s stories just waiting to light up the face of a child.


IMG_0974 IMG_0086IMG_0384  My daughter and I, my son, and my husband… Thank you for your unending support. I love you all!

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