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The Boy on the Beach…


Handicapped young man standing at the shore break

The tide crept in as the sun shone high over head.
The waves steady and loud crashed upon the shore with each roll of the tide.
Shifting in our seats as perspiration found its way across our skin, we watched silently at the lone figure just at the shore break.
His thin body dancing as sea-foam touched his toes.
His arms flailing above his head, mouth screeching with excitement.
Next to me my husband straightened and placed his hands upon the arms of his chair.
The waves grew with each approaching tide, and yet, the young man remained at the edge of the water.
My relaxed feet upon the sand, now steadied themselves into a standing position, I too shifted in my chair.
He was not your ordinary teenager… he was special.

Why was he alone at the beach? Surely there was someone nearby…
Crashing at his knees, the waves rose towards the young man.
His unsteady legs beat against the sand as he charged the slope of the beach.
“AAAhhh,” he screamed in desperation.
Stopping, he turned to eye the water and without pause, chased the receding water to the rocky edge of the shore.
Eyeing my husband in silent conversation, we watched worriedly.
My husband shifted uncomfortably forward, preparing himself to rescue the man-child should the ocean catch him off guard.

IMG_0206A splash of red caught our eyes as a woman quickly descended upon the beach.
Her eager hand caught the teenager as a wave perilously charged overhead.
Rising we watched, ready, worried.
Giddy and energized, the boy stumbled behind his mother, she smiling through her panic.
Falling, the water tumbled across their bodies as they crawled haphazardly away from the shore rocks.
Her voice was lost to us, but her smile remained throughout her rescue.
He, unaware of his peril. She, fully committed to his safety.
Holding onto one another, they weathered the wave one after another.
Laughter rising above the waves, easing our worry.
We lowered ourselves into our chairs…
Watching as mother guided, warned, encouraged, and loved her son while embracing a day at the beach.


A Fond Memory

Anita Frazier~ Artist

Anita Frazier~ Artist

Tonight as I sat down to write in my study, I felt pulled outside by the joyful sounds of children. Peeking through the wooden blinds of my quiet room, a smile grew upon  my face as I watched a father and his son of five doing circles in the cul-de-sac in the dad’s sports car. The son was propped up on his dad’s lap and had firm control of the stirring wheel… dad had a firmer grip down below. The boy giggled as they took off, but as soon as he found himself driving he took the job seriously. Off to the side of me I saw a figure waving from the grass at a distance far from the driver and car. There she stood, his little sister, with her pig tails bouncing as she jumped up and down each time the car came around her way as she called out to them. It took me back to a similar time in my own life when I sat upon my daddy’s lap and steered the car around the circle in front of our house. I don’t recall how old I was or where I lived…but somewhere in my memory I could actually feel the joy the little boy next door was feeling. It was pure jubilation and fear all rolled in to one. Imagine my surprise when I realized that dad’s still create the same memories that they once did so long ago…even in our world of mega technology. I wonder if he dances with his daughter in the kitchen, letting her ride on his shoes as he twirls her around in their make believe Cinderella Ball? I sure hope so…because a fond memory stays with you a life time and appears when least expected….like today.