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The Death of a Student


He was all boy…I can see him in my mind now as I take in the news of the accident. How he got to be so old I have no idea. It seems only yesterday he was in third grade playing kickball and excelling in math. But the gift of life is often taken from us at an early age,and sadly at seventeen he hardly had a chance to live.

“Johnny,” in truth, was a memorable child. Ask any teacher what that means and they will tell you he was not easy. And he wasn’t…only because he was so active and really wasn’t interested in subjects that didn’t come easy to him. I would tell him, “When you grow up you are going to be so thankful you learned this…you will use this someday.” Now those words seem meaningless. There will be no grown up period, no marriage, career, or child to test him as he did his parents. It saddens me because I never thought this would be how his life would turn out. I knew that he would mature and find his place in the world. He had loving parents and siblings that were supportive. How can they possibly survive this…what can anyone say to help them keep from suffocating from the pain of loss. I hope they can see what I do when I think of him…I see a smiling boy with a frog in his pocket, an athlete, a flirt, a smart ass…yes, he was…I see a boy that lived his life to the fullest because he knew no other way. And when his friends join me to celebrate his life there will be stories…because he lived…he really did.

In Memory of Kees L. who died in an automobile accident 1/26/14.


The Rag Quilt

Rag quilt 1    Rag Quilt 2

Just a little rag quilt made with love for you,
Just a little rag quilt that marks the years you grew.
Each stitch was sewn with lots of love,
Each patch was gently placed,
Just a little rag quilt made with love for you.

It’s time for you to leave the nest,
To let your wings unfurl,
To leave the home where love abounds,
and give life a whirl.

Just a little rag quilt to take on your way,
Just a little rag quilt to comfort you each day,
Each time you feel lonely and need a little love,
Feel comfort from the rag quilt which was made for you with love.

It’s time for you to leave the nest,
To let your wings unfurl,
To leave the home where love abounds,
And give life a whirl…

Love always…Mom

This poem was written for my children Tanner and Samantha after I finished the first T-shirt quilt of my life. Samantha’s quilt is not complete as of this writing…she still has to hand over some t-shirts!

It’s Snowing!

snowThey fluttered to the ground, tossing and turning this way and that. I remember our mouths opened, the soft cold wetness tickled our tongues as we welcomed the first snowflakes of winter. It was a magical time…we were children. We were awestruck and…happy.

Outside the snow falls and I sit watching that peaceful flow of snow blanket my green lawn. I think back to a more innocent time, where sleds were waxed and cocoa melted on the stove. Ironically, niether are done now…we use plastic sleds and packets of hot chocolate to welcome the first snow of winter. But it really doesn’t matter…it is still a magical time. Children still stay home from school (if they live below the snowbelt), parents snuggle up to warm their little ones, snow angels still exist, and if there is enough snow…a snowman takes residence on the front lawn.

I love the first snowfall…

I’ve never grown up…most of my friends know that…and so it would not come to anyone’s surprise if they found me sneaking out to the neighboring golf course to sled later. Actually…I’m looking forward to it now that I’m sitting here looking out at the snow gently falling to the ground. Of course I will have to nab the neighborhood kids and have them go with me because it’s no fun by myself… and why must I sneak onto the golf course you ask? BECAUSE…not everyone remembers how it was to be a child playing in the snow. There has to be the old grumpy man (or woman) that yells that we are ruining the grass, that it’s private property, that the course might get sued if someone gets hurt. But it’s the only place with hills!!! Darn…I JUST lost that magical feeling of the first snow of winter! Perhaps things aren’t the way they used to be…….but I’m still sneaking out and taking the kids with me. IT’S SNOWING dang gummit!

Baby’s Lullaby

Courtesy of Lucky978

Courtesy of Lucky978

Close your eyes my little one,

dream of castles in the sun,

dancing horses here and there,

happy faces everywhere.

Be my baby sleeping fast

while the world goes spinning past

be my baby sweet and kind

love you till the end of time.

Be my baby sweet and kind,

love you till the end…

of time.
Written in 1993 for my daughter Samantha and a sweet baby M. Traverse

(If I knew how to record the music I would attach it.)

Life Interrupted…


I just returned home after traveling for three months. Interestingly, I don’t work outside the home anymore. So what the heck have I been doing? Well, I’ve been taking care of ailing parents, visiting my daughter at college, my son who lives out of town, and trying hard to get some rest at a resort in Florida. But to be honest, the only thing I really did was survive three months of constant change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I had a boring life four months ago, because to be quite frank, I was just getting used to being in a routine after retiring from teaching. I liked my new routine…it was simple and stress free. But when the first call about a sick parent came in, suddenly I was catapulted into a world-wind of events that interrupted my life.

This isn’t the first time my life has been interrupted of course. My life has had all the normal interruptions such as going to school, graduating, getting my first job, marrying, giving birth…you get the idea. But this time my life really WAS interrupted. I was home nine days out of three months. I slept on floors, in hotels, and guest rooms. I crossed the United States ten times either by air or by automobile. I held sick hands and murmured reassuring words to those in need. I dished out tough love when needed and tried hard to be supportive at the same time. I gave love to those around me, and when I was at my most vulnerable state, I found the strength to find the good in all of it.

Sometimes it is good to have your life interrupted, it makes you appreciate your life. It made me remember how quickly things can happen from one day to the next. Today as I sit here writing, I realize that I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, to be a part of a world where every day is a new day of hope, and that with every interruption comes the validation that I am truly living.